Monday, February 1, 2010




I got an Iphone a few months ago and like most people who have one you peruse the app store searching for apps high and low. As a photographer I find myself in the photography section more often than usual. Out of the 100,000 plus apps I found two apps that really gave me a new outlook in photography.
One was the "Hipstamatic" which is basically a digital holga. The other is the "Shakeitphoto" app which is a polaroid app. They both work well and look great. But most importantly it give me a new love for point and shoot photography that I lost when I moved to medium format.

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marian said...

That's awesome what you found with point and shoot again. Looks really cool. I love the photo of the apt for rent ;) No really. Not just because it's our home. So do you think you will be printing any of these? I'd like to see that.